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  • September 25, 2017
         In July 2017, our colleagues made a order to Budweiser do promotion for the led bracelet, the bracelet is our most common light emitting a red light emitting Bracelet emblazoned with silica gel, Budweiser Logo, according to customers that the led bracelet is dedicated to Budweiser concert use, the specific function of led bracelet is with hand in hand, can emit light, increase the atmosphere of the scene, the use is very convenient, and cheap, not only for Budweiser advertising, also give customers a good experience.
led bracelet
          Silicone led bracelet: light emitting part is made from silicone, with the hands of customers will be very comfortable, and then the light emitting portion is made of our environmental protection ABS material, good transparency, can make the light more bright, light color Bracelet we can according to customer needs, customized for different colors and Logo.