The latest toy to relieve stress - Hand Spinner

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  • Jimmy at
  • March 06, 2017

2016 years later, in December, many European and American people will bring such a thing around each other - Hand Spinner. The Hand Spinner began wantonly spread on the Internet, from Facebook to youtube, from the picture to the video, Hand Spinnerat the speed of replacing the traditional pen and finger plaything.

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Some people will ask, why finger tip will be so fire?

I think it can be explained from the following aspects:

1, simple, easy to carry.

2, the work is simple, only one bearing, 3 fulcrum on the line

3, can relieve stress, anxiety and other emotions

Hand Spinner tips

1, with the thumb and index finger holding the 2 sides of the bearing

2, with the middle finger or ring finger poking blade force