LED flashing light candle

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  • July 26, 2018

LED flashing light candle with clip is our company launched the latest hot-selling night electronic remote control.

LED electronic flashing clip have many usefulness. The main purpose is to use them at festival parties, to ignite emotions, to adjust the atmosphere, and to make the scene more active and exciting. You can also create a romantic atmosphere and promote your feelings when you are dating. More convenient is that you can decorate the flowers. LED electronic flashing clip candle secondary use is used as a mini flashlight to illuminate the road and is easy to carry. The function of the LED electronic flashing clip candle is to turn the light effect on or off through the remote control panel switch. Switching the light effect with a few more presses, one is a continuous effect and the other is a blinking effect. Moreover, the LED electronic flashing clip candle can also control its brightness by remote control. The battery of the LED electronic flashing candle is an AA battery, and the battery can be replaced. LED electronic flashing clip candle can continue to shine for more than 24 hours. The characteristics of the LED electronic flashing clip candle include the following points. The first is the electronic flashing clip candle made of ABS material, which is more convenient to transmit light color, and is convenient to carry and protect. The second is that it is more convenient to clip on the item.

The precautions for LED electronic flashing clips are that they are not waterproof or can be placed close to high temperatures. There is also a focus on environmental protection.

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