LED flashing safety arm light

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  • July 21, 2018

LED flashing safety arm light is our company launched the latest outdoor arm light that is used while riding a bicycle and running at night.

LED flashing safety arm light has many usefulness. The main purpose is to wear and illuminate the surrounding environment during exercise and running at night, so that people who are comfortable can see the road. It is more convenient to carry it in the arm at night. You can also carry your bicycle and motorcycle on your arm. LED electronic flashing safety arm light secondary use is used as an ornament, can be worn on the arm at night is very cool, can also be used as a gift for people and parties. The function of the LED flashing safety arm with light is to turn the light effect on or off with the push button switch. Pressing a few more times will switch the lighting effect. LED flashing safety arm the battery is two lithium batteries, the battery can be replaced. LED flashing safety arm lights can continue to illuminate for more than 24 hours. LED flashing safety arm light features include the following points. The first is that the flashing safety armband is made of PVC material, which makes the light more prominent at night. The second is that it is more convenient to wear on the arm. The third is the LED flashing safety arm light through the button switch to switch the light effect, the safety arm with a variety of lights, customers can buy it through their favorite color.

LED flashing safety arm light Note that it is not waterproof or close to high temperature. There is also a focus on environmental protection.

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