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  • April 29, 2019

In recent years, China's economy has developed rapidly. In the past few years, the total GDP and the number of people who are interested in China have increased geometrically. So what attracts you most in China? The Great Wall of China? The Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang? But that's not the best. What is the best? I'll give you more details below.

Speaking of Chinese culture, what impressed you most? Chinese characters. Why? Because it's too hard to learn. Writing Chinese characters has become the dream of many people. All Chinese characters, pictures and other cultures converge on one pen. What pen? Writing brush. If you want to write Chinese characters well, you can't use ballpoint pen. The font written by ballpoint pen can't show the essence of Chinese characters. Even a stick is better than a ballpoint pen. So what are the main Chinese characters used nowadays? For those who are more proficient in Chinese characters, they usually write with pens; for some works, they use brushes. That is to say, the pen is the mainstream and the brush is the essence. In China, people with poor brush writing cannot become masters of writing. Only those with good brush writing can become experts.

Brush writing is very difficult, even in China, most people will not use brush. But for Chinese people, it's easy to learn brushes. But it's very difficult for international friends. Because it is very difficult to write ordinary Chinese characters. However, we have a brush that is very easy to write and can be used as an over-product to start learning brushes. This product also allows ordinary people to write brush characters. It can also be placed in a place where there is a Chinese cultural exhibition for promotion.

Interest, everyone has. The first thing you know will never be too deep. Only if you know enough deep and fine, can you find out the joy of it. Want to know? Contact us.

Writing Brush