Wood Pen

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  • April 30, 2019

What is a wooden pen, as its name implies, is a wooden pen. Maybe you think our wooden pen is a pencil, but I'm sorry to tell you that our wooden pen is a ballpoint pen. Perhaps you will think that the so-called wooden pen looks like wood, but is actually made of plastic. Here I can tell you responsibly that our wooden pens are made of real wood.

Now, let me introduce our wooden pens to you. First, our wooden pen is a stick 172 mm long and 16 mm in diameter. In the center of the stick is a ball-point pen core wrapped in finer wood. This is the complete structure of a wooden pen. It's very simple. But our wood is real wood, and the size of each pen is very close, almost no difference. Now you may ask me, what's the use of wooden pens?

There are many ways to use wooden pens. First of all, as a pen, its main function must be to write, as long as you need to write, you can use it. So where is it mainly used? First, it can be used near tourist attractions, such as hotels and post offices. Wood pens can be perfect in the surrounding environment to live in harmony. In scenic areas, especially in mountain and forest scenic areas, when writing is needed, the use of wooden pens can give people an aesthetic feeling of the soul.

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Wood Pen