UV Keychain

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  • May 13, 2019

UV Keychain is a very classic product, which has been selling at a high level. The reason is simple. It can help small partners who can't distinguish between real and fake currencies.

Although our UV Keychain is named after uv, we can also make other colors, such as white. In all of our key chains, UV key chains are the most popular ones we sell. Among them, UV and white are the best ones. The two colours are shipped more than one million a year. Why so much? I can tell you responsibly that this kind of key chain is very cost-effective and looks good.

Our key chains have five characteristics. First of all, our key chains emit very bright light and last very long.Energy-efficient white LED that can shine up to 12 hours continually at about 22000 MCD. There are two modes of key chainUV keychain flashlight with on/ off switch and squeeze button. And uv keychain, pprtable and easily attach to just about anything with pocket clip or key ring. Keychain come with batteries. No additional power is required. Versatile enough to be used for dog Light, camping, hiking, safety light or emergency.

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