Solar Car Flashlight Keychain

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  • November 22, 2018

Solar Car Flashlight Keychain is a key chain that combines many features and is a good product for your choice of promotions and advertisements.

Hearing the name of Solar car flash light key chain, you will know that our key chains have the characteristics of car key chains, solar key chains and flashlight key chains. The shape of the car makes our key chains more popular, because the shape of the car is very beautiful. Solar energy and flashlight are two main features to make our products useful, so that the key chain does not exist in the world by its appearance. Solar energy can make the flashlight have the ability of continuous charging, and can improve the use time of batteries. If you want to go to an island for a survival challenge, then solar energy is the best energy source, it can reduce your time in dangerous darkness, and the energy source will not be exhausted, can be used all the time.

Solar Car Flashlight Keychain can customize logo, and customers can also choose their own favorite colors.

We provide both OEM and ODM service for clients. And We have BSCI factory audit. Linli company is the top 3 LED flashing gifts factory in Shenzhen and 7 years golden supplier on Alibaba. Our belief is that customers are God.

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Solar Car Flashlight Keychain