Shock Led Bracelet With Party

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  • October 26, 2018
       Shock Led Bracelet is one of our classic regular glowing bracelets. Its main function is vibrating and shining. It is suitable for many parties, smaller birthday parties, Christmas parties, classmate gatherings and so on. It is very convenient and effective to use.
       Shock Led Bracelet is made of ABS and silica gel, because the ABS material is transparent, so for LED light transmission, and the use of silica gel wristband is better for our hands, silica gel soft, can be a good protection of our wrists, because it is a classic bracelet, so we will have stock, customers. Users want, we can deliver goods in time, and the colors can be varied, and the color of LED lights is also various. And our Bracelet shakes, so long as the bracelet shakes, it shines differently, and we can control it by ourselves. There's a switch to control whether the bracelet shines, because the bracelet was developed very early. So, the battery part, we optimized, can be compared to other factories. It can be reused for a long time and the battery can be replaced by itself.
       Shock Led Bracelet is used in a lot of occasions, like before, one of our customers, they are children's birthday use, want to buy our bracelet, but not a lot of quantity, asked us to order 100, need to mix color. Because of the small quantity, we shipped the goods to our customers very soon.
Shock Led Bracelet