Custom Cheap Mini Led Shark Light

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  • May 17, 2018
      Shark Light is a new type of night light toy, because it's cute, so many of our dealers are letting us design good packages and retail them.

      Shark Light is made of good quality plastic, shape is shark shape, we can make the other, such as small yellow duck, dolphin, rose and other different shapes, and the outside color we are usually white, because the light is good, but also can make a strange color, such as green, yellow, blue, and so on. LED lamp beads can be made into different lights, yellow, white, green, etc., and can also be customized according to the requirements of different lights. We use OPP bag packaging. We can also customize paper cards to others and help customers design paper cards so that it is very convenient to hang them on the display shelves for customers.

      In September last year, we had a new customer who needed to order our Shark Light toy. He was used to put it in the supermarket. So we need to provide paper cards to hang on the display frame and not be too assured of the quality of our product. So, let us send samples and our original packing first. Look at the quality first. After that, the customer received the sample, felt very good, let us help them to design the card, and then communicate with the customer, confirm the paper model, and finally pay the deposit.

Shark Light