Round Plastic LED Keychain

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  • Linli at
  • November 12, 2018

  Round Plastic Mini LED Keychain can be used as mini flashlight to light. You can also carry it wherever you go. Beautiful shape and light weight are good as promotional gift, advertise, souvenir...

  If you buy this product, you can customize logo yourself. And we have many kinds of colors for you to choose from. Round Plastic Mini LED Keychain is a mini button that we recently promoted, mainly because the price is cheap, the color is many, very suitable for the gift, so, there are many advertising companies like to order our Round Plastic Mini LED Keychain. The light keychain is also used for backpack lights, many of which are hung, many of them are hung directly on the backpack, as a small pendant, and in a sudden situation can be used as a small flashlight.

  The appearance of our circular luminous key chain is made of plastic. It is very durable, and it is more resistant to fall. The key chain is very small. It's probably only the size of your toe's thumb. It's very easy to carry. Our luminous circular key chain uses a light emitting diode, which requires a very low current, so that he will be able to glow, so our round prototype key chain has a long time to light. Moreover, it can help you in the absence of light.

  Round Plastic Mini LED Keychain