Custom Remote Control Led Lanyard

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  • May 17, 2018
       Led Lanyard is the product we have been doing, which is mainly customized to some exhibition customers, can light, and print different LOGO, and this year we have made a new improvement to this Led Lanyard, making this Led Lanyard more widely used, can be used in various parties, in concert, are particularly good.

      Led Lanyard material is nylon and ABS shell, we will install 9 LED inside, LED color can be made in different colors, such as red, yellow, blue, green and other colors, and the color of the nylon rope outside we can make different colors, in Led Lanyard we will add the chip, we can use the remote control. The device and computer control, and can separate areas, each area of the color is different, more wireless remote control ring is the same, according to our different keys, control the area of the Led Lanyard light color, very suitable for the concert above the use.

      In March, we sold a lot of Led Lanyard, about 5000, we just had time to see it, wow, completely stunned, and at night, the remote control control this Led Lanyard was really nice, all kinds of colors, look, the light of every seat in the venue. Same, adjust, can separate that area is what color, such as A area is red, B area is blue, C area is purple and so on, especially good and neat, can be very good active scene atmosphere.

Led Lanyard