Remote Control RFID Led Bracelet

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  • May 24, 2018
     RFID Led Bracelet is our company's latest research and development of an intelligent light - emitting ring, mainly for the audience of the concert, as authentication, every access to a query identity.
     RFID Led Bracelet hand ring is very hot in 2018, after several months of research, we have developed the new product in early 18, no matter which hand ring, only install our RFID Led Bracelet can use RFID function, to the hand ring, we have TPU, PVC, silica gel, nylon, all have, and remote control. We will all match a large remote control, which can control the whole field, which is our hot sale, the hand ring is white and transparent, the material is made of PVC, there will be a circuit board and chip, the color of the lamp is seven color, according to the remote control, the back of the RFID Led Bracelet has a W - type strap. Extendable, suitable for various sizes.
     The function of RFID Led Bracelet is very powerful. It can be used not only for identifying identities, but also for various functions.

Here is the video of our product:

RFID Led Bracelet