Promotion Mini EVA Sandal Keychain

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  • November 15, 2018

  Promotion Mini EVA Sandal Keychain, It's very new and strange. Beautiful shape and light weight are good as promotional gift, advertise, souvenir...

  Mini EVA Sandal Keychain can be customized, any size and colors. You can choose the color and size you like, and you can print your own logo. Our Mini EVA Sandal Keychain is very beautiful, you can choose your own colors, applicable to a wide range of people. Our Mini EVA Sandal Keychain can be used for advertising promotion, publicity and presentation. The main function of this product is to hang on the key chain, and it is a fashionable ornament. Because our Mini EVA Sandal Keychain is made of EVA foam, our key chain is very cheap, as long as you design a simple shape. We set our prices by shape, size, logo, craftsmanship, materials and color. Since we can't make money on a product, only large quantities have some effect on the price.

  We often some of the United States, Britain, cooperation is very pleasant and friendly, our packaging is a transparent plastic packaging tape, can print the logo on the CE or LOGO, of course we can also do some shopping bags supply, easy hanging display box.

  We are Linli company. We provide both OEM and ODM service for clients. Linli company is the top 3 LED flashing gifts factory with BSCI Audit. Welcome to buy.

Mini EVA Sandal Keychain