Led Projector Keychain With Custom Logo

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  • November 13, 2018
        Led Projector Keychain is a promotional gift key ring produced by our factory. It's mainly projected and cheap. So many customers like this key key ring.
The material of Led Projector Keychain is made of aluminium alloy. We can make different colors on it. We can make white, red, blue, green, or color. We use gold plating on the front and back to increase the texture of the product. We can print 360 degrees in all directions. LOGO can also be used. To print on the surface of the product, and the projection part, we customize different film according to customer's requirements to make different projection LOGO, such as text, pattern, cartoon characters, or a picture.
        Led Projector Keychain is 70*11mm in size, and we will have a key ring for hanging on the keys or backpacks.
        Like this Led Projector Keychain, we often give promotions to some big brands, such as McDonald's, Coca-Cola and many other big brands, and we have three batteries in it, which can work for more than 15 hours. The batteries inside can be replaced and reused.
Projector Keychain