Pocket Multi Tool Kit Keychain

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  • November 22, 2018

Pocket Multi Tool Kit Keychain is a very portable mini toolkit, mainly for emergency use of outdoor workers, very useful. Many mechanical construction companies will equip their employees with a Pocket Multi Tool Kit Keychain, because it will make employees more convenient and safe.

The key chain is shaped like a plastic inflatable lighter. It's very fashionable. At the end of the key chain, there is a very bright LED flashlight. It can help you see the light in the darkness in emergencies, make you feel safe in the darkness, and relax you a little. On the key chain, we have knives and screwdrivers, which are convenient for you to use in emergency or special situations.

Pocket Multi Tool Kit Keychain can customize your own logo. You can tell us the logo you designed directly, or you can tell us what you think. Let's design it for you. If you buy our products in large quantities, we can make the shape for you individually. You just need to tell us what you think. We have professional designers and engineers to make new key chains for you. However, this service is not available to small customers, please understand. For customers who only buy small batches, we also have many kinds of key chains for you to choose from.

We provide both OEM and ODM service for clients. Linli company is the top 3 LED flashing gifts factory with BSCI Audit. We have strong strength, and we cooperate with many top 500 companies in the world. Our belief is that customers are God.

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Pocket Multi Tool Kit Keychain