Plastic Led Whistle Keychain

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  • November 08, 2018

Plastic Led Whistle Keychain is an ideal for trade show, new product launch, marketing events, we promoting your branding, etc.

Eco-friendly ABS material and perfect look. Light weight whistle keychain. Easily replaceable mini batteries. Beautiful design and convenient to keep in pocket. Plastic Led Whistle Keychain can be used for lighting, military parades, school march, can be use for safety purposes and for gifts etc. Plastic Led Whistle Keychain color can be assorted at customer's request. Plastic Led Whistle Keychain can turn on by pushing the power button at upper side of the keychain. Various design logo keychain are available .Powered by 2pcsx LR41(included) . Plastic Led Whistle Keychain can be used as keychain and light producing accessories .

Unique design with movie projector keychain. Plastic Led Whistle Keychain have many different size torches available. Environment friendly and Easy to take and use. Can be keychain accessory. Logo keychain available color red, pink, blue, grey, black, green, CMYK or solid color are ok. The Logolight looks like a mini flashlight, but is actually a mini LED projector that enlarges and beams your artwork onto any surface – walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Fun!

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Plastic Led Whistle Keychain