Plastic Banner Pen

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  • December 17, 2018

Plastic Banner Pen is a ballpoint pen specially used for advertising. It can be widely used in offices, schools, post offices, hospitals and other places.

Plastic Banner Pen is a promotional pen, which is classic in advertising. Because the area where a pen can advertise is more than 200 square centimeters, because both sides of the banner can print advertisements. Such a large area is enough to introduce the details of what is being sold. It is also because of the large advertising position of this pen that this Plastic Banner Pen can become a classic product. And it's not just at the banner of Plastic Banner Pen that advertisements can be written, the logo can also be designed on the pen body and clip of Plastic Banner Pen.

Plastic Banner Pen is a very reasonable and competitive price, and we can meet 1000 small orders. In the field of Plastic Banner Pen, we have been doing it for 10 years, and the sales of pens are not less every year. This is the classic. If we customize Plastic Banner Pen, we can produce it quickly, and 10,000 pens can be delivered in only 8 days.

Plastic Banner Pen has been doing this for 10 years, and foreign trade started 10 years ago, until now. Our company is the top three enterprise in the industry, 10 years let us accumulate and develop, 10 years let us strong, 10 years also allow us to cooperate with any enterprise in the world (related to our business).

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Plastic Banner Pen