Plastic Bag Light

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  • December 14, 2018

Plastic Bag Light is a small gift suitable for promotion, not only as a lamp, but also as a key chain flashlight.

The production of Plastic Bag Light is classic. It's very small, it hardly takes up your space, so it's very convenient for you to carry. Our Plastic Bag Light is very inexpensive because it's very simple to make. It only needs a plastic case, two button batteries and one led.

On/off button on the back side of Plastic Bag Light, when you press the button, the keychain will be light, press back, the light will be off. If you don't like the shape, you can design the shape you like, or tell us the shape you like, let's make it for you. But the condition is that the quantity you buy meets our requirements. We provide OEM services to our customers, logo can be pad printing, or paper sticker, or epoxy plate. And OEM services are also very low in terms of quantity requirements, which are much lower than those of shape customization.

We are Linli Company, our belief is customer, customer is God. In Shenzhen, our strength ranks in the top three in the industry, and we have cooperation with the top 500 enterprises in various industries. We have enough strength to cooperate with you.

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Plastic Bag Light