Phone Bracket With Promotional Gifts

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  • November 08, 2018
     Phone Bracket is a newly developed multi-functional Keyring with side portability. It combines LED lamp, pen, mobile phone rack, screen eraser and other functions. It is also easy to use outdoors. As a promotional gift, it is cheap, practical and inexpensive. Therefore, many customers will like this promotional gift.
     Phone Bracket is made of environmentally friendly plastic. Its size is 8*2.5*1.7CM. It has key keys on it. Customers can hang on it easily. The color of its outer shell is red, pink, green, blue, silver and so on. If customers want to customize the color, we can also customize different colors. It can be printed on it. Brush LOGO, monochrome and color can be.
     Phone Bracket uses the method of pulling out the head area, laying the mobile phone across it to fix the phone, as a simple mobile phone bracket, while the head is a screen cleaning brush, when the mobile phone or IPAD is dirty, you can use this cleaning brush to clean the screen well, while the other side of Phone Bracket. It's an LED lamp. It's on when you press it. It's off when you press it again. It can be used emergency outdoors at night and as a small flashlight. The other half is a touch-screen pen. Protecting the phone can also run the app software on the phone more effectively. The ballpoint pen is hidden under the touch-screen pen, we gently rotate the touch-screen pen, the ballpoint pen inside will come out, this is very convenient when we need to use the pen outdoors soon, and we rotate in the opposite direction, the ballpoint pen will be retrieved.
      When Phone Bracket first came out, many customers bought it as a promotional gift, not only because of its high price, but also because of its versatility and ease of use.
Phone Bracket