Night Light

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  • April 01, 2019
  Night light is a very strange kind of light, because they are often turned on when they are sleeping.
  Many people need a little light when they sleep, but it can't be too long. Nightlight can solve it. Everyone can't open their eyes when they wake up because the light outside is too strong and it's too irritating to our eyes. Eye is the weakest part of our body, often stimulated by the outside world leading to tears will hurt our eyes. So we need a night light. According to the survey, sleeping with night light is better than turning off all lights.
  We have launched a new high-end night light, which looks like a bigger snail on the whole. It has no keys and relies on touching the snail's antennae to turn on or off the switch. Also, there is a small drawer on the side of the snail. Opening it is a mobile phone bracket.
  We are Linli Company, focusing on luminous gifts. This snail night light is a highlight we recently promoted, which is the best choice for gifts. In Shenzhen, we are at the forefront of the industry. We provide OEM and ODM services, we have professional designers and engineers, we will check the products before shipment, all in order to serve customers and be responsible for customers.
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Night Light