Night Lamps

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  • August 04, 2018

Promotion of square Night Lamps, you can customize LOGO, good quality and low price, welcome all international friends to come to understand our products.

The appearance of our Night Lamp is made of PVC material, with moderate hardness and safe use. Our Night Lamps have many colors. One of them has seven kinds of colors. Our Night Lamps have been greatly improved in brightness, and not only do they have enough brightness at night, they don't have a dazzling feeling. Because our Night Lamp is made of PVC material, our Night Lamp feels a kind of texture and is very comfortable. The wick inside our night lamp is a light emitting diode, with good shock resistance and seismic performance, high reliability, long service life. As long as it has a very low current, it can shine.

Our Night Lamp is very beautiful, so its use is more extensive, mainly playing the role of decoration. You can put it in the living room, bedroom, or exhibition hall. Our products can also be used to satisfy children's curiosity and act as children's toys. On the Night Lamp, you can customize your LOGO for promotional purposes or souvenirs. Night Lamps can also be made as gifts for their friends. All in all, our Night Lamps have many functions and can be used in many places.

Our production of this electronic lamp is very professional, we will give customers quality assurance, because we are direct sales, so our price is very low. And we can guarantee delivery on time. Welcome to the customers to buy.

Night Lamps