Fashion Mini Usb Fan With Custom Logo

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  • July 24, 2018
         Mini Usb Fan is a fan gift that we have recently sold very well. It can be programmed by ourselves to choose what you want to display. The most important thing is that the material of this Mini Usb Fan is better, and can be twisted and distorted at will.
         Mini Usb Fan is made of metal. The head of the fan is a plastic outer shell, and the fan leaves are made of transparent plastic. We will put 11 lights on it to flash different colors or patterns. The middle lines are twisted, deformed metal lines, bending freely, and the USB head can be connected to the power supply, but the USB head can be connected to the power supply. In order to connect to the computer, the use of very convenient, plugging can be used, no battery, the pattern can become different look, we are to the CD, how to use the user.
         The pattern of Mini Usb Fan is heart-shaped, and can be edited into various shapes, like animal shapes, and this kind, different from the 7 lamp, can edit more difficult languages such as Spanish and Arabic.
         Before a customer needs 200 Mini Usb Fan, we also support this small batch of customers, and our packaging is a paper package with a CD-ROM which shows how to use programming software and install programming software. It is very convenient.
Mini Usb Fan