Mini Portable Fan

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  • May 13, 2019

Mini portable fan is a new small fan we have just released. Its main characteristics are small and easy to carry. Because our fans add a more conventional function - folding on a very small basis. You can fold it to your pocket or purse. So our mini portable fan is perfect for both home office and hiking.

We have added some good methods to the fan design to make it more convenient for us. Soft PTE blades retract automatically as it is turned off. Much more easier to use and store. Size of 3.6 inch, half of your palm when it is folded, easy to carry with in, 270 degree foldable, both hand held or stand available.

Mini portable fan build in lithium polymer battery, USB rechargeable, takes within one hour for full charging, indicator light will on when charging and off when finish. Despite its tiny size, this handheld fan features two airflow speeds. Low Speed lasts for 4 hours the High for 2.5~3 hours fully charged.

Are you still worried about this summer? Are you still looking for something cool to bring you? Are you still too anxious to sleep at night because of the heat? All this is because you lack our mini portable fan. Contact us if you need to buy.

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