Mini Metal Led Bottle Opener Keychain

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  • November 14, 2018

Metal Led Bottle Opener Keychain is a classic multi-functional key button, easy to carry, simple and beautiful appearance, strong practical, cheap, so many big brands use this Metal Led Bottle Opener Keychain as a promotional gift, in the activities above the use.

Metal Led Bottle Opener Keychain material is made of metal aluminum, we use advanced equipment in the aluminum tube cut into shape, and then brush different colors of paint, conventional black, green, red and so on, we can also customize the different colors according to customer needs, and LOGO we generally use laser LOGO, can be very good The display of LOGO will be clearer than that of general printing. And inside, we add the battery, circuit board, LED lamp, regular 3 lights, the light is usually white, of course, other colors we can do, in the tail of Bottle Opener Keychain, we will add a key button, convenient to carry.

The name of our company is Linli, and Linli is the top 1 supplier in Guangdong Province in projector products and LED gifts field. If you have not opened the package, our batteries can keep over 1 year warranty. Our company has cooperation with the most of the countries in the world. We have cooperation wit. H Companies in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America and Oceania. The oceans are also everywhere in our footprints.

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Metal Led Bottle Opener Keychain