Metal Pen

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  • December 18, 2018

Metal Pen is a cheap metal ballpoint pen that looks particularly luxurious. It's very suitable for promotion and is also used in school offices, post offices and other places.

Metal Pen is made of aluminium alloy. Its surface is very smooth and can be rubbed square. It looks luxurious on the whole. Our Metal Pen is a very cheap metal ballpoint pen with a very high cost performance. We can provide customers with 20 available colors, so Metal Pen is very convenient for retail use. Our Metal Pen is mainly used for wholesale promotion, retail and small gifts. First of all, our pens are very cheap. We only need a few coins. Be able to gain an advantage in price. Secondly, our metal pens are very attractive and easy to write. They also have a price not much different from that of ordinary pens. Finally, because our Metal Pen is very luxurious and beautiful in appearance, it is easy for others to create the illusion that it is expensive. It is the best choice for friends, classmates and teachers to give birthday gifts.

Metal Pen is one of our preferred pen products and has the highest sales volume in our company's pen products. We provide OEM and ODM services to our customers. On Metal Pen's pen, there is a large space for advertising. Our company is Linli Company. Linli Company is the top three light-emitting small gift manufacturers in Shenzhen. Companies all over the world cooperate with us. We have cooperated with top 500 companies in various industries many times, which is our strength.

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Metal Pen