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  • April 07, 2020
   This epidemic is a challenge to the economy of all countries. If we don't deal with it well, the economy of the country will go back 20 years. For enterprises, this is a serious crisis. What is the main problem we face? The customer is afraid to place an order or cancel the already negotiated order due to difficulties.
   In the face of this crisis, we have only one way. This method is to help customers solve the difficulties and problems this time. There is no way for us to keep the customer's area free of outbreaks. But we have our little ways. The outbreak was caused by coronavirus and spread through human to human contact. For example, when a (infected person) talks to B (normal person), the virus enters the air from a's mouth, and B inhales the virus into mouth when B breathes, so B is infected. This is a main way of virus transmission. We will do our best to help customers solve this way.
   Masks are a very powerful weapon to solve the problem of virus spreading in the air. We will sell masks to our customers. First of all, in order to meet the needs of customers in terms of quantity and price advantages, we will limit the number of sales to 2000pcs, 4000pcs, 6000pcs, 8000pcs and 10000pcs below 10000. Because our packing is 2000pcs/cases, such packing is very cost-effective in terms of freight. We can accept orders of 2 million masks every day, hoping to meet the needs of various customers.

   Quality of mask: the mask is CE certified in China. The mask is 3 layers, and the middle part is melt blown cloth, which can play a good isolation role. Our masks are disposable civil masks, but the masks we sell are close to medical masks. Then someone will ask, where can the masks we sell be used? First of all, it's OK to go out to work, go shopping and run. The main restrictions are hospitals and places with very high virus concentration.

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   Of course, in order to help customers, we will also sell products about the epidemic, such as infrared thermometer, kn95 mask, N95 mask, hand sanitizer, protective clothing, protective glasses, etc.


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