Circular Luminous Key Chain

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  • August 06, 2018

Promotion of circular luminous key chain, inexpensive, not only beautiful appearance, but also economical and applicable. Welcome friends from all walks of life to come to know.

Now, we not only refer to the price of goods, but also consider the practicality and beauty of the items. Our circular luminous key chain can perfectly satisfy these three conditions.

The appearance of our circular luminous key chain is made of plastic. It is very durable, and it is more resistant to fall. The key chain is very small. It's probably only the size of your toe's thumb. It's very easy to carry. Our luminous circular key chain uses a light emitting diode, which requires a very low current, so that he will be able to glow, so our round prototype key chain has a long time to light. Moreover, it can help you in the absence of light. Isn't that very practical?

Our circular light-emitting key chain is very cute. It will make you like it the first time you see it, and it won't bore you to see it.

Our circular light-emitting key chain can print the logo of your own company, so as to enhance the visibility of your company. A circular luminous key chain can be used as a souvenir for a party, such as a college reunion. You can write the name of the party on the key ring. There are many things that can be commemorated by key chains, such as scenic spots and important time. You can also write a case on the round light key chain. If someone faints in the street, it can be convenient for the doctor to know the patient's situation and let the patient get timely treatment. Our circular luminous key chain is a new little gift that you can give to your friends at festivals or parties. It can also be used as a birthday gift to your friends, congratulations to your friends happy birthday, I believe your friends will like this gift.

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Circular Luminous Key Chain