Liquid Floating Pen

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  • December 17, 2018

Liquid Floating Pen is an interesting and novel ballpoint pen that is suitable for promotion and is widely used in school offices, post offices, etc.

There are many kinds of floats in Liquid Floating Pen, but they are mainly divided into two categories, one is planar floats in 2D and the other is 3D floats. The 2D floats are flat, but can be made into a plane shape, and then draw a 3-D picture, which can also achieve a slight 3-D effect. Of course, the best one is 3D. Almost all of the 3D objects are made of resin. You can directly reduce what you need to promote to a certain proportion and make floating objects. This is a better method.

Of course, our Liquid Floating Pen not only advertises floating objects, but also designs logos for pens and clips. If it's just for retail, it's a good buy to make floating things interesting. And among all the pens, Liquid Floating Pen is one of our main promotion pens.

Our liquid Floating Pen ink dot size is 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm/1.0 mm, no leakage and non-toxic. Moreover, we provide OEM and ODM for our customers. We have first-class designers and engineers who can provide the best service for every customer.

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Liquid Floating Pen