Led Tableware With Custom Logo

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  • July 24, 2018
       Led Tableware is a special gift for the bar, which includes cutters, forks and spoons, all of which are available, especially bars, and love to buy this kind of luminescent equipment.

       Led Tableware is made of environmentally friendly plastic, we can use food testing, it is easy to use, and in each of the inside of the battery, we can send out different colors of light, red, green, blue, and can also customize the other colors, Led Tableware outside are waterproof, Can be directly placed in the water, with the luminous cup is particularly good.

       We also have other bar glowing gifts, such as glowing cups, hair CDs, light ice buckets, luminescent cups and flasks that we all sell, and our quality is very good, and many products can be tested at the food level.

       Before we had one in the UK, he ordered a batch of Led Tableware with us, mainly including glowing knives, forks, and spoons. They were sold with cooked food, so the tableware was very nice. In the night, it would give out different rays of light, and in the bar, it would give the customers different feelings.
Led Tableware