Custom Cheap Mini Led Projection Keychain

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  • May 16, 2018
     Projection Keychain is our company's core products, do not do many people in China as a whole, we are the only one in Shenzhen to do Projection Keychain, because the product quality is good, the price is cheap, many customers are looking for us to do all kinds of Projection Keychain.
    Projection Keychain products we usually use metal aluminum, and then a layer of green paint on it, can be a color, and LOGO we can print a variety of colors, and 360 rotary printing, and the projection we divide into the near projection and far projection, the near projection is probably the 1m class, can be clearly       projected inside the picture. Surface and remote projection can be cast to 3-5M, which shows the picture in the picture completely. Projection Keychain inside the battery we have 3, can guarantee a long time to use, it can also change the battery, Projection Keychain is very small, convenient to carry, we do the projection film is very clear. The printing is very good. We should not make metal pipes, but also make cheaper plastic pipes to save customers' cost. The appearance and usability are the same.

     In March, we had a Japanese customer who came to see our factory and looked at our production process. He had a batch of Projection Keychain to be exported to Japan. So, the quality, the packing was very strict. After seeing our factory, we handed the list to us, say believe us, and sign us more. Contract.

Projection Keychain