Cheap Led Magic Ball Light, Mini Rgb Led Ball

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  • May 08, 2018
      Led Magic Ball is a brand new fitness toy. You can achieve the effect of body building while playing games.
      Led Magic Ball material is made of enamel made, we choose a good ball of enamel made of ball, inside the circuit board is a new circuit board, the use of ultra bright LED beads, and the color can be changeable, there are seven colors, red, white, blue, green and purple orange, flash mode has 3 kinds, flash, slow flash, often bright, battery is selection Domestic high-quality batteries can last 12 hours, and we have 2 solid ropes outside to facilitate our use. Using the method is one end of the rope, let Led Magic Ball drooping directly, hand force to rely on inertia to let the ball swinging, can turn up and down, turn around, all can, according to their own heart, more important is to help you achieve the effect of fitness, in the night, when this Led Magic Ball rotates, you can see a lot The color of the light is spinning, especially beautiful.
       Led Magic Ball before we out of a batch of about 200 thousand, mainly in the United States, the customer is very important to the quality of the product, fortunately our samples and BSCI certification are approved by the customer, so, the customer quickly selected us, but for the quality of the product they also arranged a special person to come to check the goods. After shipment, the customer will feel good after receiving the goods and give us a good evaluation.

As to our products, we all arrange to deliver the goods to the customers after strict examination. We pay great attention to the reputation of the company's brand. Although some customers are buying it once, our service is the same.

Led Magic Ball