Christmas Led Antler With Wholesale

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  • July 24, 2018
      Led Antler is a luminous gift specially used for Christmas activities. It is suitable for adults and children to use. It sells well every year at Christmas.

     This Led Antler is made of environmentally friendly plastic. The following is a hairpin, with 2 antlers on it. Each interface is screwdriver. It guarantees the quality. It can be reused. The battery inside can be replaced. In order to make Led Antler wear more firmly on the head, we add a row of small saw teeth, convenient for me. We wear them when we walk around, so that Led Antler doesn't move too big and falls down. And inside the LED light we routinely have yellow lights, we can customize other lights, such as red, green, blue, and many other colors, antlers color we have red, white, and can also customize the other colors.

      In September last year, when we sold Christmas gifts, this was our hot selling product, and many foreign customers would buy our Led Antler, because this Led Antler is cheap, good quality, and has an active promotion, so in September, we bought about 500 thousand Led Antler. After that, a lot of customers say that we use the material better than other businesses, the workmanship is also more fine, especially the material, very thick, so last year they also sold very well, by the time this year, we will continue to buy this Led Antler.
Led Antler