LED Skull Cup

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  • December 26, 2018

LED Skull Cup is a beautiful cup and has a large capacity. Very suitable for all kinds of beverage companies, water bar. It is also suitable for retail sales.

Nowadays, many customers like this LED Skull Cup, especially in street beverage stores. Many people like this, especially personality. The drinks in it will be very good, and the drink cup can be reused. And our LED Skull Cup can be washed with a dishwasher to save time. Not only do we have this special shape, but we also have the usual shape of bars and parties. LED Skull Cup is made of PC material. It passes the actual safety level and can be used safely. The LED bead chassis we use is a detachable base, which contains batteries, LED beads and circuit boards. It can be disassembled and replaced. The upper seal adopts spiral seal, which can prevent the overflow of internal beverages. Moreover, we also have straws, which are convenient for users to use many times.

One of our customers offers a variety of colors, and we offer OEM and ODM services. We have professional designers and engineers who can provide professional services to customers. And we have professional factories that can solve all kinds of problems. We are also the top three BSCI certified companies in Shenzhen. Companies or individuals working with us are all over the world. And we often cooperate with the top 500 companies in the world. We have enough, strong strength, professional technology. If you need it, I believe you will choose us.

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LED Skull Cup