LED Message Hat

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  • April 23, 2019

LED Message hat is a very common baseball cap, which is based on the addition of LED scrolling screen. The combination of the two has turned into a novel product. At present, it is widely used.

Our LED Message hat has a variety of debugging methods, you can put the customer's own ideas on the scroll screen. Among these ways, app is the most popular one. Although there are many steps to use app, the operation is very simple. And our LED Message hat can be recharged, not with batteries because battery replacement is more difficult, and when using batteries, the effective time of batteries will not exceed one day. So we make rechargeable. In this way, we can improve the utilization of resources and save a lot of expenses. Charging is very simple, you just need to plug in the data line to recharge.

Instantly promote your brand, your event, your band or show your support for your favorite team or politician, let guests know who your staff are or just let the world know exactly what you think. This classic black LED baseball cap has an adjustable strap on the back, comes with the re-charging cable, 7 pre-programmed messages and the scrolling message LED display is 4 inches wide!  Bright White LED lights are used in the LED message display.  Don't be shy, start sending out your message to the World tonight!

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LED Message Hat