Multi mode LED magnet lamp

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  • July 21, 2018

The company's multi-mode LED magnet lamp design concept is to protect the safety of pedestrians at night and provide security for people walking at night or running at night.

The multi mode LED magnet lamp is made up of organosilicon and plastic, and the exterior consists of white organosilicon, which is divided into 2 parts. The head is composed of plastic, the electronic chip and the lithium battery are wrapped in the plastic. The tail is made up of high adsorption magnets. There are many kinds of lights. One must be customers and what you like. Our material is healthy and environmental protection. It is one of the essential elements of going out at night.

The multi mode LED magnet lamp has 3 modes, which are often bright, flash and slow flash three modes. Different modes can be used according to different situations to prevent unnecessary trouble to others. The multi mode LED magnet clip lamp can be clamped in many places. Schoolbags, hats, jeans, books, clothes, and so on. To work with work and to work without affecting beauty can also attract attention. Our multi-mode LED magnet lamp product is designed to facilitate your convenience. If you are a night runner and you like to go out for a walk at night, you can buy our products. If you are a seller, please seize the opportunity. Our product multi-mode LED magnet clip lamp will be very popular. What are you waiting for! Let's go and buy it.

Multi mode LED magnet lamp travel travel necessary. Please be assured that the quality problem has been tested for a long time.

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