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  • April 11, 2019

   Summer is coming. Everyone takes off their coats to get cool. But even in summer, it's still cold in the early morning. If we don't keep warm, we will catch influenza. So we launched led beanie hat.

   Led beanie hat is a warm knitted beanie hat with and integrated 150 lumen USB rechargeable led head torch. The head torch unit can be removed from the beanie and charged on the move from a computer or smartphone charger, and has 4 Samsung SMD LEDs. These LEDs power the light which has a run time from 2.5hr on high to 6.5hrs on the dim setting. The light has three settings which can be controlled from the front switch, High, Med, Flash. Led beanie hat is ideal for plumbers, electricians, builders, runners, walkers and any tradesmen who are looking to work hands free.

   There are two modes about our led beanie hat, white light lighting mode ensure you can see clearly and There are three stalls for you to choose fromit can light the distance up to 55 feet away. And no longer re-purchase and change batteries for your light up beanie, only a standard USB port from the computer or mobile phone charger. press the button in the middle of LED light to switch on/off.

   If you need to charge, just pull the sock cap aside, push the lights inward, separate them, clean the cap or charge the lamp without any additional wires.