Knife Letter Cutter Keychain

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  • November 12, 2018

Plastic Knife Letter Cutter Keychain is suitable for promotion and souvenir. You can carry it wherever you go. This keychain can be used as mini cutter or decorative keychain. Beautiful shape and light weight are good as promotional gift, advertise, souvenir...

  Plastic Knife Letter Cutter Keychain is relatively safe for general cutters, with a blade of about 1 cm. As long as the key position of the human body is not cut, the wound caused by it will not cause serious harm to the human body, therefore, it is very safe.

  Our Plastic Knife Cutter Keychain can printing your company logo as indicated pantone no. And this key chain has many colors for you to choose from. Not only that, our prices are very low. This has led to our key chain can be used in a very wide range of places, can be very good for promotion and retail.

  This product exports Mexico, the United States, Poland, Canada, England, other countries. We assure our customers that every product will be inspected. If there are bad products, we will promptly pay compensation to customers without any charge. We also sell a lot of similar Keychain products, varieties, good quality.

If you want to know more about our Plastic Knife Letter Cutter Keychain, you can contact our customer service directly. You can also search LLKC10438 on to learn about this product. LLKC10438 is the model number of Plastic Knife Letter Cutter Keychain on

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Plastic Knife Letter Cutter Keychain