Keychain Torch Light

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  • April 26, 2019

Keychain torch light is a very classic promotional gift which often appears in various promotional activities.

Go to a convention of any kind and you’ll be able to collect a few hundred lights for your keychain, a couple of which might last until you get out to the parking lot. The problem with flashlights of this variety is they can be hard to make properly, hard to keep working, and easily damaged. To get one that does its job, especially if you require it for everyday carry, it needs to be special forces tough, bright enough that you won’t shatter your shins on the nearest obstacle, and still be small enough to slip into your pocket without difficulty.

We have a very classic Keychain torch light, which has existed for a long time, but it has been active in the promotion gift market. This Keychain torch light can emit two colors of light, one is purple light, which can be used to test the authenticity of money. Another is white light, which can illuminate well and last for a long time. Whether it's purple or white, our prices are very cheap, and this product sells well. A couple of days ago, there happened to be a shipment of 400,000 Keychain torch light.

Can you see the market for this product?

Keychain Torch Light