Promote The Fluorescent Glow Bracelet

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  • August 02, 2018

Promote the new Glow Bracelet, which glows without charging, disposable, inexpensive, and has many colors to choose from.

In China, we call this product a fluorescent rod, a long 200 millimeter, 5 mm diameter self luminous rod. As long as it is lightly broken, the liquid in the Glow Bracelet will mix and shine. The luminous bracelet can be connected to each other, and can form various patterns.

   Our Glow Bracelet is suitable for all kinds of activities. The concert can be turned into a stick for waving, or write the name of the protagonist with a stick and use it to shout . During festivals, various shapes can be assembled to regulate the atmosphere, and also to become toys in the hands of children. In the party, you can sing together in the hands. If you run at night, it becomes a glow bracelet that you can wear on your arm, which can adjust the atmosphere and show yourself at night. In the bar, you can gently break, as long as there is no leakage of liquid, you can throw into the bottle, glass, make your wine more cool. Our Glow Bracelet is not only about these functions, but also a special feature. It is "Dancing". It can put the glow bracelet on the body and put it in a pattern (such as the skeleton, the human skeleton), which makes the dance more cool and beautiful.

Although our Glow Bracelet 's is of good quality, do not intentionally damage Glow Bracelet, because the liquid in our Glow Bracelet is not edible and has a certain adhesion. If the liquid leaks, it will easily contaminate furniture, floor, clothing and skin. If the above situation occurs, please clean it in time. If the liquid enters the eye, wash it in time or go to the hospital. Therefore, do not use tools to break the plastic pipes of Glow Bracelet or twist Glow Bracelet to cause liquid leakage.

This is our new Glow Bracelet, which is cheap and fine. I wonder if you are interested. If you are interested, please act quickly.

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