Plastic Liquid Floating Pen With Custom Logo

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  • July 23, 2018
        Floating Pen is our hottest gift pen, many companies and promotions will choose this Floating Pen, because he has a wide range of applications that can print different LOGO, and the pen can be put in different floating objects. The floating objects inside are custom-made by customers, such as pills, funnels, and wine. Bottles, bread, etc.
       The material of Floating Pen is made of plastic. There is a special liquid in the middle. It can be put in the floating material inside. The whole pen can be printed in LOGO. The inside of the core we have red, black, blue, and the customers have other needs. We can also customize it.
       Before, this Floating Pen we sold to a foreign pharmaceutical company, they were used by themselves, and sent to some customers, so, we set 3000 in our side, their request is the appearance of the whole pen looks like a pill, the floating material is the shape of the pill, the pen is printed white LOGO, we follow it. The customer's request, quickly made the sample picture to the customer to see, the customer looked, felt very good, very quickly paid the deposit, and indicated, the quality needs a good point, they will send the person to come to take the inspection, need us to receive the reception at the time. After shipment, customer inspection is no problem, and our cargo is also very smooth to the customer's hands. After receiving the goods, the customer quickly commented on our website and gave us 5 stars' praise.
Floating Pen