Elliptical Column Flashlight Keychain

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  • November 21, 2018

Elliptical Column Flashlight Keychain has a strong cost-effective, beautiful appearance and is very suitable for promotion and advertising.

To facilitate customer promotion and advertising, Elliptical Column Flashlight Keychain can print any logo by silkscreen, laser engraving. Customers can design logos according to their own ideas. They can design logos themselves or tell us your ideas. Let's design logos for you. We have a professional design engineer who only promotes your ideas. Also, customers can choose colors. And Any color is available, we can do according to your own Pantone color.

We use super bright led to make the logo beam out, our advantage is that light is brighter than normal supplier and our batteries can keep using around 20 hours, if you have not open the package, our batteries can keep over 1 year warranty. This product exports Mexico, the United States, Poland, Canada, England, other countries. We assure our customers that every product will be inspected. If there are bad products, we will promptly pay compensation to customers without any charge. We also sell a lot of similar Keychain products, varieties, good quality.

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Elliptical Column Flashlight Keychain