DMX512 LED Bracelet

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  • November 20, 2018

DMX512 Glowing LED Bracelet is a new remote control bracelet, which is suitable for various banquets and concerts.

In the future, all telecontrol lighting products and concert supplies will use DMX. Others will be phased out. Compared with previous bracelets, DMX512 Glowing LED Bracelet has better control performance, faster response speed, smoother remote control and more functions than before. The main feature of DMX512 Glowing LED Bracelet is computer control, which can control many areas. And our bracelet can control a long distance. It can control the range of radius 1000m very simply. Of course, you can also use the remote control. A remote control can control 100 thousand bracelets.

DMX512 Glowing LED Bracelet can customize advertising, we will add customers' own creativity and design. Of course, you can use your own design, you can also give us requirement, we will arrange the program according to your requirements, we have our own professional designers, will do the program for you to choose.

DMX512 Glowing LED Bracelet are exported to Europe and America, Middle East and all over the world. Welcome to buy.

DMX512 LED Bracelet