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  • August 01, 2019

PVC light is a very classic led light, because its shape is very simple, and the price is very cheap.

PVC light has a simple structure and can easily meet customer requirements, so it has become a classic product. You know, it's only two or three years since PVC light has flowed in the market. In such a short time, it became a classic. How did this work? It's not that we are pushing towers harder, but that its own characteristics make it a classic.

The environmental protection materials we use can be certified by CE, SGS, FCC, etc. This allows PVC light to circulate in various countries. In this regard, I would like to talk about the quality inspection problems we encounter when exporting to various countries. Korea and Japan are the most demanding countries, so many companies do not like to make Korean and Japanese products. However, the countries that export most PVC light are these two countries. When it comes to the most stringent countries, let's also talk about the countries that require the simplest products. Where is the country that requires the simplest products? India. Yes, it's a place that many companies can't afford. Because this place has a high price requirement, something too expensive may not be suitable for this place. But our PVC light also sells very well in India. Why? Because PVC light is a very cheap product. Moreover, it has a wide range of uses and a very good appearance. In short, PVC light is a very cost-effective product.

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PVC light