Crystal Keychain With Custom Logo

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  • November 13, 2018
      Crystal Keychain is one of our classic key chains. We have been selling this key chains since 10 years ago. Every year, many customers order it, mainly from boutiques or gifts to VIP customers. It's very beautiful, and we receive a lot of return orders.
      Crystal Keychain is made of crystals with high transmittance, and the LOGO inside is carved by laser. Under the illumination of the light, it is very beautiful. No matter what shape, we can carve, and the carving is more delicate. Crystal Keychain's shapes are rectangular, heart, hexagon, and other shapes. We can customize different shapes according to customer's requirements, such as simple shapes like light bulbs or bottles. On the other hand, we use high brightness LED beads to emit light, which can be made into different colors, such as red, blue, orange, green, white and other colors. LOGO will emit different colors under different illumination, which is more dazzling for the whole Crystal Keychain.
      Crystal Keychain we mainly supply some boutiques or high-end shops as gifts. In April, we had a group of promotional gifts for an aromatherapy store. They were doing activities. For the third anniversary, they needed to send a more exquisite gift to their customers. They came to us and customized about 1,000 Crystal Keychain models with their LOGO carved on them, each with a gift. The box will be given as a souvenir when you go to the store for consumption. According to the later understanding, their feedback is better. Many old customers like it better. It feels like it is a more exquisite gift.
Crystal Keychain