Compass Keychain

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  • April 29, 2019

Now, what's the best way to entertain yourself? Many people choose a walk-and-talk trip. Is it better to go where there are more people or where there are fewer people? Most people prefer places where there are fewer people because we have too many people at work. When we decided to travel, we were already choosing to escape for a while. Since it is evasion, we should choose a place where there are few people or nobody.

What can you do to stay in a strange and sparsely populated place? Money? Or friends? None of them. When you go to a new place, you feel lost and at a loss. The only way to be confident at this time is to have a sense of direction, such as home or where to go home. What will let you know the direction? Stars in the sky? How do big trees grow? These are things that professional adventurers often come into contact with and use fluently. For people like us who don't know much or know nothing about it, it's useless. Then we need to use some props - compass.

The compass can tell us where to go at the critical moment, but it's so small that it's very difficult to find it in a backpack. So we connect the compass with the key ring. In this way, the compass can be easily found.

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Compass Keychain