Classic Square Keychain Flashlight

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  • December 15, 2018

  Classic Square Keychain Flashlight is a beautiful waist accessory that is often used commercially as a promotional gift.

  Keychain flash light is a classic product, which has always been very hot. Its main feature is that it can be used in emergency. And Keychain flash light can be used in many places because of its illumination and portability. That's why Keychain flash light has always been hot. Our company's Classic Square Keychain Flashlight is one of the simplest and most classic keychain flash lights. The keychain flashlight has many styles. Our company alone has more than 100 models. They are metal, plastic, round and flat. Classic Square Keychain Flashlight is a new product launched only this year, and now there are hundreds of thousands of small orders for this key chain.

  Classic Square Keychain Flashlight is small, smaller than some keys. Its thickness can be neglected because it is less than 5mm thick. The length, width and height add up to less than 80 mm. It's easy to use. On/off button on the back side of keychain, when you press the button, the keychain will be light, press back, the light will be off. We can provide you with a variety of colors, and we provide OEM services. However, I think the best thing about this Classic Square Keychain Flashlight is the one without logo. Because it looks simplest without logo. The simple beauty. Of course, having logo does not affect its status in Keychain flash light.

  Welcome to understand our Classic Square Keychain Flashlight, it won't disappoint you.

Classic Square Keychain Flashlight