Circular Multi-function Keychain

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  • December 17, 2018

Circular Multi-function Keychain is a practical key chain, a very good small gift, suitable for promotion.

Circular Multi-function Keychain is made of high-quality metal (stainless steel), it  is durable and has a good handle. Most of the items we sell are mini gifts. They are small and easy to carry. Our Circular Multi-function Keychain has seven main functions: foil cutter, nail file, 1-meter tape, screwdriver, led torch, knife and bottle opener. It covers most of the functions of small gifts and is useful almost everywhere. Because our Circular Multi-function Keychain is round and somewhat like a pocket watch, it's smooth whether it's hung on a key ring or in a pocket.

Circular Multi-function Keychain is 52 mm in diameter and 20 mm in thickness. There is enough room for you to design Logo. If you don't think about how to design or place advertisements, we have professional designers, you just need to design your own requirements to the shape you want, if not satisfied, you can ask designers to modify until you are satisfied. If you have requirements for the product, we will contact our engineers for you. Of course, the premise of all this is that you need to buy a certain number of products, if it is only a small batch, we may only modify the advertising for you.

We are Linli Company. Linli Company is one of the largest small gift merchants in Shenzhen. It has passed BSCI certification. Our strength is very strong. Welcome to our company.

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Circular Multi-function Keychain