Bag Light

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  • April 01, 2019

Bag light is a lovely product, mainly used for lighting in bags.

Baggage is a favorite item for every woman, so she is willing to ruin her family and kidnap her husband or boyfriend. I believe every woman is very excited when she has a new bag. However, the inside of the bag is always dark, and it is very troublesome to find things. Sometimes the sharp objects in the bag will rub their hands. Like loach, I was trying to find a fish, but I met a snake. In this case, bag light came into being to facilitate people to find and do what they like in the dark and narrow space.

Bag light is not a product. It represents a class of products. Our bag light is a miniature bulb-shaped LED light that can be turned on with a gentle pull of the tail rope. Our bag light is very small, only our fingers and thumbs are small, so it is very convenient to carry. And the shape of the light bulb is very popular with women.

  We focus on practical gifts, so our bag light does more than just illuminate our bags. This light bulb bag can be used outside the bag, hanging on the bag can improve the safety of night operations.

  Stop slowly exploring your bag with your hand. Having our bag light can reduce the chance of your hand getting hurt in your bag. Whether it's used inside or outside the bag, our bag light can be hung directly on the zipper. Simple and practical.

Bag Light