Advertising Pen With Custom Logo

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  • November 13, 2018
       Advertising Pen is a classic promotional gift pen with low price. Many companies like to use it as a promotional product.
       Advertising Pen is made of plastic. The middle part is a roll of rectangular paper. The size is 180*68mm. Both front and back can print LOGO or         advertisement words, or put a large photo directly. It can show more content. The inner core of the pen is usually black and blue, but we can also customize different colors for customers, and the outside of the pen body, we can make different colors, according to the color number given by customers, to change the color customers want, and we can also help customers design the pictures they want.
        Advertising Pen has a very wide range of applications, both in offices and warehouses. It is very practical and has a long life, low price and fluent writing. Before, we had a customer who bought our Advertising Pen, mainly for their factory. They have more than 10 factories, about tens of thousands of people. They need to use a lot of ballpoint pens. When he saw our pen, he felt that the price was very useful, and then we sent samples to them to show them how they used it. Often comfortable, so, ordered 100,000, and printed their company's LOGO and company slogans, very good, after they received the goods, the company's employees feel very good, very comfortable to use.
Advertising Pen